Pardoning Turkeys?!

Just a quick thought…. I have been seeing more than a few articles online about turkey pardons, which of course made more headlines than usual when Palin did her interview in front of a man slaughtering turkeys after pardoning one.  So there are lots of articles and photos of presidents pardoning turkeys, and to be honest I can’t help but feel a bit disgusted.  Because the pardoning process is such a joke.  There are so many men and women who desperately need to be pardoned, who are facing unjust criminal sentences, even death row, and to pardon a turkey to me sends a message that the pardoning process truly isn’t taken seriously.  

Just a thought, really.  Maybe instead of pardoning a turkey, the President could get out there are pardon some people whose lives are truly on the line?


 What to do what to do what to do.  It has been a neato week, in which I completed my Public Preaching course with a final whoop-dee-doo sermon on Acts 17.  It didn’t go quite so awesome as I had hoped, but I did indeed take risks in that class this year and learned quite a bit about myself and my skillz…. like, don’t NOT practice what you are gonna say in an extemporaneous sermon out loud in front of another person, for starters.  I tried doing it with people and doin’ it alone, and when I practiced in front of real witnesses, it always turned out better. So yea.  Lesson learned.

One lesson that I HAVEN’T learned, unfortunately, is how to get through blah-times. (btw, I am currently in a blah-time as we speak… hence the posting more than twice this week.)  I had been seriously chugging along, gettin’ it done, and then I got down to a semi-short list and once everything looked manageable, all of a sudden- WHAM- I lost my motivation.  I have spent the last two days, for starters, avoiding homework even though it would be a REALLY good idea for me to do it.  Seriously.  GOod idea.  I could say that avoiding helped me do other things, like buy Christmas presents online for most of my family, but that was really an avoidance tactic, really.  What I really should be doing is writing my thesis, or bangin’ out my final paper for Public Theology that is due on Dec. 16th.  Those would be smart things to do.  For realz.  

But try as I might, I can’t seem to put it together.  I can’t figure out how to get myself movin’.  And the distance between my emotional state and my desire to be workin’ is causing me some serious stress/feelings that I might just be the laziest good-for-nuthin’ out there.  Which is not so great a feeling, I might add.

So if anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them, and my thesis welcomes them too.



*It occurs to me that I title many too many of my posts with stress-sounds… like ack, or blah, or bleh, or hrmmpph.  Interesting… I wonder what that could mean?


It’s been a lightyear and more since I posted on here, and gee-wilikers it feels strange.  to be honest, life has been a bit hectic, but that is only part of it; in reality I think I was just a bit tired of the postathons, and more than anything I was interneted out by the whole election dealio.  I am still recovering, btw, but hopefully thanksgiving will be a welcome break in that regard.

The semester is shaping up to close soon, which is DEEE-lightful.  I have a bit yet to go, but I can assure anyone who cares that it is manageable at this point.  What is less than manageable, is the stuff that doesn’t have to do with graduation, like, say, getting a job and stuff….. whew the whole concept of applying for jobs is really just blowing my mind even thinking about it.  Furthermore, I might might might get approval to do so…. TOMORROW.  yes, let me say that again.  TOMORROW.  which means that I am wasting time NOT applying for jobs as of TOMORROW if I don’t get on the ball.  So I should.  Fast.  Seriously. 


BUt I also have a thesis to write, which I happen to be moving along quite nicely on, but which is nonetheless looming.  Oh, and a few finals, three to be exact, which would love to be finished sometime before i push off for the western caribbean (did i mention I am going to the western caribbean?  nice, let me tell you!)

So yea, lots going on.  Only tomorrow will tell if I have cause to REALLY be freaking out about what I OUGHT to be doing (I guess if I really cared I would be working on it instead of writing on here, though.)  Until then, I shall continue to indulge my inspiration block, which has consisted lately of a lack of energy altogether in the direction of getting things done.  bleh.


oh well.  new day.

WHEW! It’s finally OVER

Finally… we have a president-elect, and its none too soon.  I have spent the last 6 months or so checking too many politically-minded websites, reading article after article on who did what and who said this or that and what poll predicted what where… it was exhausting, and yet I couldn’t drag myself away.  I literally averaged 5 to 6 checks per day on a handful of sites, no joking.  And as the race was called around 11:15 and my fellow Divinity school friends were screaming and yelling and dancing and pouring champagne, my body finally relaxed and I exhaled, both because the Hope was for real and because I could finally get back to doing my homework.

So yea, maybe now that my internet time is down per day, I can devote some time to this blog, which has been seriously ignored since august or so.  Because I have had a lot on my mind to be sure, especially when it comes to the freak-out realization that I need to start looking for a job, that I am graduating in 7 months and that the world is opening up in a whole new direction for me.  I have been trying to hide from that reality-check a bit, but I knew it was on the way so I can’t say I didn’t expect it.  I mean, I am cramming FIVE classes into this semester to get that degree + ordination-worthy by June.  All I need are a handful of classes, a passed polity exam, and I am set (did i mention i failed my polity exam?  Boo!  I passed the other three though…. expect an encore on the polity thing in Feb.).  My pastor is working on getting something pulled together so that I can start looking for a job soon, and in the meantime I am working on getting my info together to make me attractive to church positions, writing my thesis (sometimes), eating some tasty food, and knocking out homework (Speaking of homework, I *should* be working on my sermon for Peter Gomes tomorrow… I have the outline but I have yet to practice it outloud–oops!)

So yea, it’s all good, i hope.  Then again, of course it is.  Hope won this year.

Political “whoops” moment

So I am back in my home-country, visiting my parents out in Northern California, a land that still brims with delicious tomatoes on-the-vine and any number of other tasty summer vegetable which has long since departed from Boston where I now get my mail.  (if you can’t tell already, I have  been both amazed and frustrated by the lovely weather my parents get to enjoy.  I called my boyfriend this afternoon and told him I might not come back after I experienced the sheer joy of plucking a Black Krim tomato off the vine in my mother’s garden and biting down… it was simply amazing.)

Anyways, this is all lovely, but the REAL reason I am writing right now is because my mother tipped me off to a delightful letter my father received this fall from none other than Sarah Palin.  It’s a fundraising letter (of course) and my dad never opened it, but we did, and I have loaded it onto this post:


Take a close look at the letter–because what my mother and I noticed was that somebody needs to learn what a little something called a spellcheck is.  Because if whoever they paid to write or edit this had simply clicked a button, they would have learned that “Wendnesday” is spelled “Wednesday”…. very simple, the first words at the top of the page.  I have no idea how many people this got sent to, but it is a bit embarrassing, if I do say so myself.