Political “whoops” moment

So I am back in my home-country, visiting my parents out in Northern California, a land that still brims with delicious tomatoes on-the-vine and any number of other tasty summer vegetable which has long since departed from Boston where I now get my mail.  (if you can’t tell already, I have  been both amazed and frustrated by the lovely weather my parents get to enjoy.  I called my boyfriend this afternoon and told him I might not come back after I experienced the sheer joy of plucking a Black Krim tomato off the vine in my mother’s garden and biting down… it was simply amazing.)

Anyways, this is all lovely, but the REAL reason I am writing right now is because my mother tipped me off to a delightful letter my father received this fall from none other than Sarah Palin.  It’s a fundraising letter (of course) and my dad never opened it, but we did, and I have loaded it onto this post:


Take a close look at the letter–because what my mother and I noticed was that somebody needs to learn what a little something called a spellcheck is.  Because if whoever they paid to write or edit this had simply clicked a button, they would have learned that “Wendnesday” is spelled “Wednesday”…. very simple, the first words at the top of the page.  I have no idea how many people this got sent to, but it is a bit embarrassing, if I do say so myself.

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