About Sarah

Sarah was formed by her childhood wandering the hills of Santa Clara Valley in Northern California. Her most vivid memories of her childhood were always connected to nature–exploring the 3350344491_d1e1b6678c_b.jpgwilderness, finding cast off horns and cat skulls, owl pellets and animal tracks, and ever wondering at the mystery of the land that lay around her.  As a youth, she felt a strong kinship with the land, and spent her free days caring for livestock on her parents land, tending to horses and heading back into the wilderness again and again to see what mysteries might be found.

1459271126764.jpegAs a teenager, she discovered a new mystery–the mystery of faith.  At the age of 13, she walked into a Presbyterian Church, and she has never been the same.  Like her journeys into the woods, Sarah’s first step into the fellowship of the church revealed mysteries that have captivated her ever since–grace, faith, hope, hospitality, peace.  She continues to seek out treasure within the church and hold it up to the light.

These days, Sarah serves as a pastor in Donegal Presbytery in the PCUSA. She delights in the mystery of friendship across all boundaries, the fellowship of her husband, and the abiding love they share with their children.  She still seeks wisdom in the silent cathedral of the world, and wonders at the power of God’s Wisdom as revealed in story, song, and artIMG_0526

3 thoughts on “About Sarah

  1. I stole the tape of your sermon, “I Pledge Allegiance,” from 2.28.2010 but I still haven’t listened to it yet! Please take care of Belvidere, they are lovely people. I would be in the pulpit except for the nasty and uptight Newton Presbytery. So now I am the minister at Annandale Reformed Church next to Clinton (where John Robertson’s father used to be the minister, I believe).

    I’ve seen God! (to answer your question) God is inside you — and me.

    1. Hmm… I happen to like Newton Presbytery a good deal… they are just doing their job, just like the rest of us faithful and broken people. Glad to hear you are installed and serving a church where God has called you. Let me know what you think of the sermon!

  2. I want to thank you for being very supportive in me coming out as gay and helping pursue a ministry in the Presbyterian church.

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