Lift Up Your Hearts

dae3cf3c6d9ba07b89803a8df2d4e60cSo, you may not be aware, but earlier this year I joined the Board of The Young Clergy Women Project.  It is a super honor to serve there, and I was delighted to join the Editorial Work Group, a team of dedicated clergy women who source, edit, and publish an online magazine called Fidelia.  I am editing a column that we have titled “Lift Up Your Hearts,” which focuses on how the ministerial vocation integrates with the personal life, and how our personal and professional lives speak to and inform one another.

And I am delighted today to see our first piece published.  It’s called “Small Town Listening,” and it was written by my dear colleague Jessica Crane Munoz, who reflects on what it means, for her, to serve as a small town pastor.  She reflects on the intersection between public and personal life, the tensions between politics and the personal, and the calling to be in community.  I am so delighted to have helped her bring this column to life, and I hope you will take the time to read it.

In other news, I promise I will try to post more here in the coming weeks. It has been quite the adjustment adding a new baby into the family, and I will admit that I have struggled to find the time to load work that I have been working on. But I will get there. I promise.