It’s been a lightyear and more since I posted on here, and gee-wilikers it feels strange.  to be honest, life has been a bit hectic, but that is only part of it; in reality I think I was just a bit tired of the postathons, and more than anything I was interneted out by the whole election dealio.  I am still recovering, btw, but hopefully thanksgiving will be a welcome break in that regard.

The semester is shaping up to close soon, which is DEEE-lightful.  I have a bit yet to go, but I can assure anyone who cares that it is manageable at this point.  What is less than manageable, is the stuff that doesn’t have to do with graduation, like, say, getting a job and stuff….. whew the whole concept of applying for jobs is really just blowing my mind even thinking about it.  Furthermore, I might might might get approval to do so…. TOMORROW.  yes, let me say that again.  TOMORROW.  which means that I am wasting time NOT applying for jobs as of TOMORROW if I don’t get on the ball.  So I should.  Fast.  Seriously. 


BUt I also have a thesis to write, which I happen to be moving along quite nicely on, but which is nonetheless looming.  Oh, and a few finals, three to be exact, which would love to be finished sometime before i push off for the western caribbean (did i mention I am going to the western caribbean?  nice, let me tell you!)

So yea, lots going on.  Only tomorrow will tell if I have cause to REALLY be freaking out about what I OUGHT to be doing (I guess if I really cared I would be working on it instead of writing on here, though.)  Until then, I shall continue to indulge my inspiration block, which has consisted lately of a lack of energy altogether in the direction of getting things done.  bleh.


oh well.  new day.

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