What to do what to do what to do.  It has been a neato week, in which I completed my Public Preaching course with a final whoop-dee-doo sermon on Acts 17.  It didn’t go quite so awesome as I had hoped, but I did indeed take risks in that class this year and learned quite a bit about myself and my skillz…. like, don’t NOT practice what you are gonna say in an extemporaneous sermon out loud in front of another person, for starters.  I tried doing it with people and doin’ it alone, and when I practiced in front of real witnesses, it always turned out better. So yea.  Lesson learned.

One lesson that I HAVEN’T learned, unfortunately, is how to get through blah-times. (btw, I am currently in a blah-time as we speak… hence the posting more than twice this week.)  I had been seriously chugging along, gettin’ it done, and then I got down to a semi-short list and once everything looked manageable, all of a sudden- WHAM- I lost my motivation.  I have spent the last two days, for starters, avoiding homework even though it would be a REALLY good idea for me to do it.  Seriously.  GOod idea.  I could say that avoiding helped me do other things, like buy Christmas presents online for most of my family, but that was really an avoidance tactic, really.  What I really should be doing is writing my thesis, or bangin’ out my final paper for Public Theology that is due on Dec. 16th.  Those would be smart things to do.  For realz.  

But try as I might, I can’t seem to put it together.  I can’t figure out how to get myself movin’.  And the distance between my emotional state and my desire to be workin’ is causing me some serious stress/feelings that I might just be the laziest good-for-nuthin’ out there.  Which is not so great a feeling, I might add.

So if anyone has any suggestions, I welcome them, and my thesis welcomes them too.



*It occurs to me that I title many too many of my posts with stress-sounds… like ack, or blah, or bleh, or hrmmpph.  Interesting… I wonder what that could mean?

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