Presbymeme II

Bruce Reyes-Chow, the very distinguished moderator of the PCUSA started this meme, and I have been tagged not only by Pappan but also by Neal.  So here goes:

The Rules

  • •In about 25 words each, answer the following five questions (I always break this one!).
  • •Tag five presbyterian bloggers and send them a note to let them know they were tagged.
  • •Be sure to link to this original post.
  • •Leave a comment or send a trackback to this post so others can find you.

1) What is your favorite faith-based hymn, song or chorus?

I think I am going to agree with Carol on Be Thou My Vision.  Something about that song breaks me on the inside.  I love to play it, sing it, strum to it, etc.  

2) What was the context, content and/or topic of the last sermon that truly touched, convicted, inspired, challenged, comforted and/or otherwise moved you?

Probably Bill’s sermon series on the Beatitudes.  It was all about how impossible they are if you really try to follow them, about what they mean in a context that isn’t homogenous, how we hear and respond the the kingdom they represent.

3) If you could have all Presbyterians read just one of your previous posts, what would it be and why?

Hmm… interesting question.  Maybe this one.  or This one…not sure to be honest!

4) What are three PC(USA) flavored blogs you read on a regular basis?

hmmm… i like the following:

Adam’s blog

The Pap-ster


5) If the PC(USA) were a movie, what would it be and why?

Hmm… I find it disturbing that everyone seems to have picked creepy movies to relate to the PCUSA… So I will choose something light-hearted.  Let’s say, Hancock.  Cuz if we wanted to we could be bad-ass, you know?  We just need to get it together.


I don’t know who to pass this on to… i got in late, so perhaps I will let it be, unless I get hounded.

Books books books….. Drew’s “meme”

Books are scarce in the world. They are illegal in some provinces. They are not easily replaced if not impossible to replace if lost in many if not most circumstances. If you can replace a book or buy one it is usually through the black market at astronomical costs that you cannot afford. Yet you have been able to maintain one of the best collections in the world. If your entire library was about to burn up (think of the firefighters in Fahrenheit 451 invading your home) and you could only have one* book to take with you other than the bible, what would that be and why?

Simple Rules
Answer the question. Offer one quote that resonates with you. Tag five people whose response is of genuine interest to you and inform him or her that they have been tagged. Cheers!

SO I totally missed Drew’s “NOT A MEME” post and was tagged…. now I am getting around to answering it… which is what you do when you are avoiding your finals I suppose.

So this is a hard question, of course,… to ask which book would be the most important to you and why.  I have been feeling a bit reformed lately, and was struggling with whether I would choose the Book of Common Worship (BCW) or the Hymnal, our modern day Psalter, because I feel like they are part of the daily practices of my life, the hymnal especially.  So, because I have been feeling musical, I shall choose to pick the Presbyterian hymnal… and my quote shall be from the Holy Spirit section of said book:

“Spirit of the Living God, Fall afresh on me.  Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.  Melt me, mold me, fill me use me.  Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.”

Hopefully, of course, I will have saved my guitar as well in the event of a fire.

As for who I tag… if you read this and feel compelled to answer, then please do.  It will be fun, I promise!