When studying becomes a pleasure…

Who knew that reading Shirley Guthrie could be such a fulfilling experience?  I certainly didn’t expect studying for ords to be gratifying in most senses of the word, so it has certainly been a welcome surprise to find that the most universally recommended text for studying for ords happens to be one of the more engaging survey texts I have gotten my hands on in the past few years…. speaking of which, I find myself asking how is it possible that I have yet to come across this book after two years at Harvard Divinity School?  Do I even want to know the answer?

Gooooooo Divinity!!!!

Talk about awesome.  My friend Ben, long-time intramural soccer activist and team player at HDS, had soccer jerseys made and I ended up with one.  And if I must say so, they are pretty darn awesome:

Now that is what I call classy.