eating words, drinking the spirit

God must read blogs….. or the minds of those who write them. ┬áThis day has turned out to be quite the opposite of lonely– as I wrote the previous post, many familiar and friendly faces emerged from my surrounding environment…. later that afternoon I found myself in the company of a combination of new and old faces at Professor Gomes’ tea party, hearing the passions and interests of others and drinking their enthusiasm in for the new year… as I journeyed to the bookstore to buy a text book, I ran into a new face and we made plans to visit the Harpoon Brewery on Saturday…and as I slogged up to the third floor of Andover to pick up a packet of readings, I ran into old friends who have since graduated along with current students, and later found myself enjoying conversation over a decent ale at the local university pub. ┬áLife is good.