new bike!

It’s Saturday, pretty much my only full day off from this internship each week, and A and I decided to explore West Philly in depth.  We might have done this with R and M if they were in town, but they are both up in Boston visiting friends for the week, so we went on our own. A had read about a local farmers market that he wanted to check out and I had been researching bike shops, so we made our way out into the city despite warnings that an unusually hot day was in the works.  

Turns out the farmer’s market was a bit spotty (although it was my first experience with Amish farmers… i love the suspenders already!).  We decided to walk down to UPenn and out on Baltimore Ave towards 50th, which is where Firehouse Bicycles, a local used bike store, is located.  The walk was long, about 2 miles from where we started, but it was interesting.  We actually ended up finding another cool farmers market with more amish folks selling organic and local produce from lancaster county and others, but we didn’t have a way to get it back fast.  

The best part was that when we got to the bike shop we realized that it was right next to Dock Street Brewery.  When I told my pastor Ben Daniels I would be out here for the summer, he told me to look out for Dock Street Beer, as he remembered it fondly from his Princeton Seminary Days.  Turns out it is brewed right in A’s backyard.  So we had a beer (I had the Summer Session Ale, A had the Stout), and relaxed in the open dining area that was well-furnished with fans (it was about 95 by this point).  I ended up finding a pretty sweet Schwinn upstairs at the Bike shop…. it isn’t my old 564 Schwinn Touring bike, but this one is refurbished and well cared for and will certainly bring me some pleasure on the roads out here.  She has a black frame with red and yellow accents, and I have determined that my bike must therefore be a German Nationalist.  I imagine s/he will end up with a name like Hans or Deitrich or Ursula, but for now I am getting to know my bike and enjoying every minute.  And as long as it doesn’t get stolen, I shall remain happy with it.

For the rest of the evening, A has things planned which he refuses to divulge to me.  I certainly hope, however, that these events take place indoors, as I have already developed a formidable sunburn on my arms and shoulders and have probably sweat out a few pounds in the heat.  

in the city

we are in philly…. after a horrendous ride from Boston.  It took us EIGHT HOURS to drive here, two of those hours being playing “parking lot” in NY on the Cross Bronx to the George Washington Bridge.  We got in around six and dumped our stuff at A’s apartment, dropped off that mini van we drove down in (good riddance, I say), and went to the Fox and Hound to watch the Celtics-Pistons game with A’s friends at UPenn.  It was pretty fun, but lets be honest–I was exhausted.  By the end of the night, I wanted to curl up in a ball anywhere and sleep it off.  Which I did, and yes, it felt delightful.

Our itinerary for today: We planned today on exploring Philadelphia a little bit.  I want to walk by BSM if possible, and we were thinking about just walking about in general.  It’s a new city for both of us, so it should be interesting and fun to explore together. But first, pancakes.  (its a saturday tradition, yo!)