Of Goals and such

Things are beginning to slow down a bit on the work front (at least, in terms of programs) and so I have had some time to read again, as well as to think over my own activities and engagements.  I had been trying to run more recently, but I had been having trouble with consistency.  And so I came up with a goal to impose consistency on myself:  20 miles a week.  It isn’t much, under 3 miles a day, in fact, but the real kicker is that I have to run at least 4 times a week if I am going to make it (mostly because I am not a big fan of long runs).  Further more, to give the goal some weight, I have decided that I will reward myself if I can make it to 200 miles on this goal: that’s 10 weeks, to be precise.  If I can make it 10 weeks on this goal, I get to buy my own homebrewer’s kit, and start experimenting with beer-making.  I have wanted to do this for a while, and so I see my coupling of the two as one more way to reinforce my desire for consistent exercise.

I am doing well for this week (up to 13.1 miles as of Wednesday night) so hopefully I will be brewing beer come July 9th.

Wish me luck!