The thing about goals…

…is that they often become a chore.  At least, that is how I felt about running on this past Sunday, as I forced myself to get myself over the 20-mile marker for the week… I felt like crud, and running was the last thing I wanted to do, but I also didn’t want to fail my first week of my new goal, and, well, I had been the one who had left a few miles until the last day.  So I forced those miles in, and what do you know, it felt good to make it 10% closer to my goal!

Given my struggle to hit 20 miles at week 1, I wondered if this whole project might turn out to be more difficult than I thought… imagine my surprise, then, that this week has borne little resemblance to last week at all!  My runs have not been easy all the time, but they have been much more manageable, and what’s more, I had a record speed day last night, clocking 6 miles at something like a 7:10 pace per mile.  As of this afternoon, I am over 15 miles, which means that I basically need to run tomorrow and then I get the weekend off.  It is a good reminder that every day and every run is different, and a new opportunity to progress.

In other news, the garden is coming along.  I have had more than a couple losses, mostly cucumbers, which has taught me a valuable lesson about my plants:  something things aren’t meant to be started inside!  Tomatoes are looking great, though, and the strawberries and radishes are getting close.  The Kale is going nuts, and the chard looks as though it may be recovering from whatever was eating at it (literally) a few weeks back.  Only time will tell.

Okay, off to clean up and then meet the hubby for a dinner date!

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