Wanna hear a sermon? Sermon time!

I am starting to digitize things that I do (because, you know, it is a good idea and all, what with the world being digitized)… so without further ado, I bring you….. SERMONS!  They are both from archive.org, a great little site my friend Randy out in Cambridge turned me on to.

Numbers 21 and John 3  :“One Powerful Snake”

This is a sermon that I preached at Billings and later at Clarendon Hill; the sound quality isn’t perfect, so I sound like I have a lisp, but otherwise it is fine.

I Samuel and 2 Corinthians: “Listening Skills”

 I am super-bummed that I neglected to actually RECORD this sermon when I initially preached it.  This represents my best attempt to recreate what was a really great sermon at Yeadon Presbyterian which I preached off an outline, thereby making it difficult to recreate and also do justice to whilst sitting alone in front of my computer in California.  Somehow, preaching to the screen is a bit different than preaching to a room full of people you can see an interact with, but hopefully you get the idea.

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