I wish I May

So MAYYYY-be I haven’t been the most bloggerific or blogtastic of bloggers lately; I must admit that blogging hasn’t even really been on my radar screen lately. There has just been so much else to worry about–getting (or more realistically NOT) a job, finishing classes, trying to battle a pernicious tendency of mine to procrastinate where finals are concerned, planning (or rather, NOT) a wedding, and more. It has been a whirlwind these past few weeks, and I am just now getting to a place where I can stop, breathe, and remember that, once upon a time, I wrote stuff on an online blog thingy.

But all is not lost, for there is certainly much to think about. As I have been contemplating a move back across the country following graduation and up until the wedding, I have begun to consider what life after seminary might look like. This has been fun, sometimes exciting, at moments frightening, but definitely interesting. For example, I have found myself thinking fondly of all the time I will have and all the BOOKS will be able to pick up that AREN’T homework. So far, I have a decent idea of what i might read, which includes:

-anything by Christopher Moore
-The Last Temptation of Christ
-Lovely Bones
-anything by Toni Morrison
-anything by Barbara Kingsolver
-anything by Chuck Palahnuik
-Dow Mossman’s Stones of Summer

Of course, this list could be much improved… and so I turn to you, my blog-tastic friends with the question: what to read when the weather turns warm and school is no more?

Actually, any ideas about cool things to fall into when school is out would be much appreciated; this is my first summer in memory where there is nothing academic in the fall, so I feel pretty wide open. I could do anything, really, so lets hear some ideas.

6 thoughts on “I wish I May

  1. Portofino, Saving Grandma, and Zermatt by Frank Schaffaer. Maybe not as interesting to someone of your generation, but for a guy like me, who grew up watching Francis Schaffaer film with his parents at church, these books are awesome.

    And they’re funny–I don’t care who you are.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, ben. I look forward to learning more about Mr. Schaffaer; from what you have written he sounds like a good writer…. and I got blood sucking fiends in the library today, btw. 🙂

  2. Geez Sarah. Your blog posts look exactly like mine. Trying to find a job. Moving home before a wedding. Making up reading lists that don’t involve homework…I think we’re channeling each other.

    I like your reading list selections. I did a Toni Morrison read through a couple of summers ago. Or maybe it was last summer. I can’t remember. And I FINALLY read the Poisonwood Bible, which I loved. The Summer whatever book by Kingsolver is great too, if you haven’t read it. I’m a total dweeb though, in that half of my reading list is theology books that I wanted to read in school but never had time.

    Good luck with the reading list!!! (And everything else, for that matter)

    1. heehe my pastor told me not to bother with the theology reading… i told him i was thinking of rereading the institutes and he practically forbade me to do it. Instead I have been inhaling Christopher Moore like nobody’s business…. if I don’t slow down I am going to run out of my booklist before June!

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