Spinning ever so quickly

Life has been the equivalent of a big, heavy, rubber ball bouncing down an increasingly-steepening slope for the last weeks.  Sometimes I feel like I am up in the air, and then “WHOMP” I come bouncing back earth-ward, forced to reconcile with the reality that there is a lot of stuff down there to deal with.  And if I am honest, it isn’t so bad, bouncing down that hill, counting down the days until I get to a flat, grassy plain (Summer, August, a future with a job, whatever you want to call it).  

As expected, the job/school/wedding trifecta continues to dominate head-space in my life.  Wedding-space has contracted a bit lately (we have a bit of a lull in terms of needing to do things for the present), and school has gladly taken on the space formerly occupied by wedding.  As it stands currently, my final draft of my thesis is due on March 30, which translates into a need for me to finish it.  I would say that I had been working on it quite a bit this semester, but that would be a lie.  Instead, it has sat comfortably on my table, beckoning me to go on and get the heck over with it.  But it is too easy to wait.  So I do.  Honestly, I just told myself that it would be a Spring Break project, so I have left it at that and left it alone.  This weekend, it will shine.

Job-wise, things aren’t terribly time-occupying.  I am inquiring into Presbyterian opportunities for employment, and in the meantime am also applying for Clinical Pastoral Education opportunities in Philadelphia.  Hopefully something will bite.

SO yea… thats my life right now.  it is decent enough… i even like a lot of this stuff that is happening (although i wouldn’t mind it if my thesis were magically done….).

If you read this far, thanks for caring to read, and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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