new year

Seminary can be a lonely place, as I am beginning to discover at the outset of my third year as an MDIV.  Unlike (or who knows, perhaps a lot like) many seminaries, Harvard Divinity School consists primarily of students pursing the Masters in Theological Studies, a two year masters degree that prepares one to pursue doctoral studies most often.  It also means that the 30 or 40 MDIVs who enter will find themselves amidst a radically different crowd their third year compared to the class they started with.  In my experience, this means that as many as 70-80% of the faces that I knew my first two years are no longer with me, leaving me to wonder how it is possible that I might ever find a stable community of fellow journeyers on this theological journey known as MDIV.

OF course, this is merely a holding tank; seminary is not intended as the place you end up at, merely a means to a future end.  still… can’t help but wondering whether things might have been different somewhere else…

One thought on “new year

  1. of course, as i wrote this,…. two or three friendly and familiar faces emerged from my environment; just goes to show that the Spirit is working to reveal God’s love in all kinds of ways, eh?

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