Observations from Ords

So ords are almost over and, as I have struggled to finish my exegesis exam, I have learned a few things and made a few observations about how they affect one’s personal life. Without further ado:

1) There is no better time to execute a complete facelift of one’s blog than while sitting in the basement of the Divinity School library thinking about a sermon outline for an ordination exam.

2) Of course now is a good time to move into a new apartment!

3) It is possible to spend TOO much time in the library… and yes, it does affect one’s tan.

4) Coffee tastes better when someone else makes it.

5) Never underestimate the procrastinating powers of a trip to the beach.

6) Ords inspire you not only to think exegetically and pastorally but to have long extensive catch-up phone calls with your family… that can’t be wrong, can it?

7) it is possible to lose all feeling in ones thumb for almost an entire week as a consequence of choosing to sit all four ords at once.

I am sure that more will follow… any other suggestions from people writing furiously out there?

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