Week Recap

A lot on my mind today.  Things to remember-

-ana’s sharing during the zega exercise about abuse

-“It’s not like everyone in E. Grand Rapids lives right on the lake or anything; I mean I live there and I dont live on the lake…. I live a couple blocks away”

-the Star Wars “blind man” skit

-boundaries in ministry

-frustrations with what it means to work here


-emilio playing egyptian ratslap with the kids from Michigan

-peter’s and brenna’s enactment of the turning over the moneychanger’s tables in the temple

-bill’s sermon about God’s calling us to seek the better life that we often fail to see, the call to live more fully the life God made us for.


Things I am struggling with:

-feeling safe to express myself honestly without being judged or misinterpreted by others

-being honest about my boundaries and having those boundaries respected

-working on a team with other extremely extroverted, talkative people.

-finding God in the chaos

-staying emotionally healthy

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