GA 2008

Just a Note:  Watching most of the moderator candidates tonight was not only boring as hell, but completely disheartening.  Yes, I know these people care about the church, and yes I know they care about God, but I certainly wish I heard a bit more about Jesus and a bit more about service and care and love and a bit less about financial security and vague BS.  I might be wrong, but I just heard way too much of that crap.*



*this does not, of course, apply to the wonderful BRC.  GO Bruce!  I just wish there was more passion across the board!

3 thoughts on “GA 2008

  1. ben- since your comment I have encouraged my mom to check out worship… it sounds like it has been wonderful.

    bruce- thanks for the comment…. and just to clarify, what i intended about the kudos was that you looked not only as though you wanted to be up on that stage but also as though you were prepared and honest with the questions that were thrown your way. and it was cool to see someone on the stage who had that.

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