*update on the bike*

my bike has proven herself/himself a militant german nationalist.  On my very first real ride on the bike, s/he threw me off (granted, it was because I was edging her/him over trolley tracks at a precarious angle).   Reminds me of my first ride on good ole Red…. my first time down miguelito he slammed me to the pavement when I hit gravel at McKee Rd… left me with a semi-permanent discoloration on my right elbow.  This time wasn’t quite as bad as that, but I did scrape up my left shoulder, bruise my hip, and scratch up my left leg.  Bummer.

One thought on “*update on the bike*

  1. Of course older Schwinns were made in Chicago. Maybe your bike is channeling Al Capone or one of his henchmen.

    You know, the Blog really does tie the room together.

    The Dude abides.

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