ack! Finals madness is upon me!

It’s finally here- finals season.  I knew it was coming.  I knew for weeks, years even (if i had cared enough to care, the Harvard calendar is set years in advance) so there was no reason for me to be surprised.  And yet here I sit, one week left until all of my finals must be submitted to the grand facilitators of my classes, and I am STILL at a loss for what to do.  I am STILL unsure of how to proceed.  In one of my classes, I am still struggling, grasping even for a topic to write on (update: progress has been made on this front.  Slow but BEAUTIFUL progress).

One good thing, however, has come to pass in all of this: Dan F and I came up with a wicked project for our Reformed Thought class that is going to KICK A$$.  We convinced our professor to let us experiment with a modern psalter.  The basic idea is that we are going to try to arrange some psalms into modern music, the sort of music that is not only scriptural based but heartmovingly awesome.  We got to talking about this idea, basically, whilst lamenting the state of contemporary music and joking about how nobody sings the psalter anymore, especially not PCUSA folks.  IN fact, I have witnessed Presby Pastors exclaiming “destroy the psalter!” in response to my stated interest in the PCUSA Hymnal Project that is afoot.  So we are gonna experiment with the always reforming bit of our tradition and try to make the psalms come alive in contemporary fashion.  (an added perk happens to be that we won’t have to write as much…. 6-10 pages of theological and theoretical reflection as opposed to 15 pgs each of a research topic.)

The rest of my finals, to say the least…. are dragging/slogging along.  One is due this Friday, so at least there is that.  But I guess now would be the time to ask for …. *gulp*…. prayers, patience, and a good dose of concentration…..

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