shout out to the dream people.

Every once in a while, I find myself on a dream streak.  Usually, I will dream pretty mundane, average things (at least average in my world)… but on these dream streaks, nothing is average.  For example, when I was a kid I had this intensely amazing dream that I was a biplane pilot (in a plane that looked a whole lot like snoopy’s) and that I was trying to avoid getting shot down by Hitler, who was shooting at me with a machine gun that was mounted in the tree house in my backyard growing up.  As a kid, I thought these dreams were pretty awesome…. still do, in fact.

So to this week.  I have been having a rash of dreams, some of them quite fantastical.  Take, for instance, the other night.  I had a dream that I was at my parent’s home in California with Alex, and the sky began to break open, much like Lava, where you can see brightness under the crusted surface.  Soon an opening became visible, and an angel descended out of the center of the sky as it cracked open around it.  I watched in amazement as the angel swirled in the sky, for it was enormous, and its size up above me seemed almost as big as myself even with that distance.  The angel reached its hand out and I noticed that it was holding a lightening bolt. (Thor the angel!)… Looking about itself, the angel thrust the lightening bolt from its hands and it plummeted to earth, crashing to the center of downtown San Jose (which you can see from the hill we live on) and creating a nuclear blast.  I was scared to death and thought I might die, so I grabbed Alex and kissed him (gawd I am hopeless even in my dreams).  Surprisingly, the fall out didn’t kill us.  But the angel kept throwing bolt after bolt, laying waste to my hometown and everything around me.  I watched in horror as a dark, black sludge began to creep over the hills beyond our home, towards us, and realized that it might be the end of us if we didn’t act fast.  But there was no where to go.  Below us, the town was wasted, and above and all around, this black sludge creeped ever forward.  I remember thinking to myself that even if we got in the car to drive away, there was no where we could escape to, for the roads were destroyed and the sludge might stick our tires.  I found myself worrying about the dangers of surviving the atrocity at all, for in the process we might find ourselves starving or sickened by the fallout.  And the sludge creeped closer and closer.  I heard a knock on the door and my friend Jels from high school was outside, holding my cat, Isabella, shouting at us to let them in.  Together we crowded into the second floor of the house, waiting out what might come next.

What was weird to me was the questions that I found myself thinking through about practical issues of where we might get food, whether there might be other survivors.  At one point I worried that the few of us left might be the only humans, and even if we did repopulate some of the world that our offspring would be worse off from the nuclear waste.

……. so yea.  This is what my mind is up to lately, instead of writing finals of course.  It’s funky and a bit freaky, but it’s also sort of cool.  My friend Gusti commented when she heard this that something big must be going down in my life.  Makes me wonder what it might be.

2 thoughts on “shout out to the dream people.

  1. Wow. We’ll I’m about to go for a bike ride in the hills behind your childhood home. I’ll look out for sludge. And I’ll try to put on my best Jungian hat to think about what it all means.


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