update on the chastity stuff

So, in the midst of thinking about chastity, I posted my thoughts on presbymergent as well as my own blog, and I must say that there has been some very interesting discussion on the issue of chastity as a result. If anyone is interested, I recommend checking it out… it is definitely worth reading. I particular, I have been intrigued by some of the ideas that have emerged from the discussion– in particular, I am realizing how much potential chastity might have for notions of “kingdom living” for those of us interested in that sort of thing. Anyways, I offer it up.

2 thoughts on “update on the chastity stuff

  1. That’s what you get with an intriguing and important question! Sex and Money – the two things that drive and destroy civilizations are the two things that always provoke a response. They are the most private things in our culture and yet paradoxically the most obvious expressions of “the good”. They are the source of all idolatry and everything that is contrary to loving one’s neighbor when they are twisted to selfish ends. On the other hand they can be the source of rescue for those who need to feel connected in the world.

  2. I responded to this over at my web home, but I always return…


    BTW – My sister is going to Episcopal Theological Seminary in Cambridge as well.

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