Mainey Maine.

So if you haven’t guessed from the title, I happen to be in Maine currently.  To be specific, I am in Harrison, Maine, in Snowbird Lodge, the delightfully secluded and wonderfully beautiful home and lodge of the equally delightful David Thorpe, a local Mainer who happens to produce amazing art and delicious apple muffins (he made muffins for us yesterday… what a host!).  Even better still, the place is filled with his art, all photography.  And there is internet access, which is why I am currently blogging as I sit in front of a warm hearth and stare out the large spacious windows into the currently blanketed forest.

There are many wonderful people here with me… well actually there are only 7 of us, because most people were apparently too busy for spiritual renewal of the sort that Harrison Maine is in a position to offer.  I can tell you that there is an abundance of forest and wild turkeys, as well as an abundance of herbal teas in the kitchen to enjoy.  There is a dog here as well–Corey, who came with Dan Schriever–and he is a joy to play with.  After I finish this post I fully intend to go snowshoeing with the dog.  Delightful.

My main(e) point, I suppose, in writing this is to say that it is good for the soul to get away…that escaping to Maine is a wonderful idea.  I fully recommend it to anyone, and if anyone takes my advice, I would only ask that you allow me to come with you when you do.

3 thoughts on “Mainey Maine.

  1. Maine must be a “thin place.” The week I spent in Maine in August of 2006 was one of the best weeks of my life. And it brings out the non-Presbyterian in us. I preached at a wedding with two brides, you sat in a sweat lodge. Maine is good for the soul.


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