Bare Ruined Choirs….

My name is Sarah and I am a seminary student in Cambridge, MA. I am currently under care with the Presbyterian Church (USA). Maybe someday I will be ordained as a Pastor; maybe I won’t. I think that what it all comes down to is figuring out what it means in my life to have that title and how that vocation reflects my life and my faith. Of course, I have to figure out what I think I mean by ‘my life and my faith’; hence this blog. Hopefully I can begin to sort out some of those questions here in this place.

Aside from all that, a bit more about me: I love to play music. I grew up playing piano and french horn, both of which I loved but have not had much time to play more recently. When I was in middle school I picked up the scottish bagpipes and I have been competing ever since. Currently I play with the Kevin R. Blandford Memorial Pipe Band, a group based out of Redlands, CA (Which is far away from me!) but I love the people; they are like a family. I also have recently picked up the guitar, and I am addicted! One thing about my musical past is that I have always managed to learn to play very limited (with the exception of piano) instruments. Guitar, however, is great because you can take it anywhere (unlike a piano) and you can play most anything. It has been a great source of relaxation and meditation for me.

Aside from music, I love to watch independent and foreign films, mostly because the subject matter has a tendency in my experience to be more experimental, more out there and oftentimes more honest than much of what is selling in Hollywood. I find that the films often push me in a way that I rarely find myself pushed otherwise, and being that I love a film that makes you think, they have become a staple in my life. When I am not watching movies and playing music, I am often found reading a book on environmental ethics or running around Cambridge with friends…

Just in Case you ever wondered, what I would look like if I were a southpark Character:


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